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Bowman's Workplace Essential Skills provides a customized, individual approach to Essential Skills.   The Bowman Solution brings over 10 years of experience in essential skill delivery with the experience and expertise needed to create custom courses geared toward individual needs.  Our Director, Education and Skills Development is an Essential Skills expert with a Masters in Education and has created and delivered custom training to over 800 Clients, including online and in-classroom training.  He leads a team of experts that administer custom industry recognized assessments and build custom learning plans for each participant.

Each Bowman Workplace Essential Skills Client is equipped and supported to succeed.  The Bowman platform is fully mobile allowing the client ultimate flexibility.  Clients are monitored and supported through the entire process with 24/7 course-based support.  Our solution also utilizes a variety of learning styles to ensure client success.  Our specialty is developing and delivering customized Essential Skills for Client success.

For information regarding these services please email or contact us directly at 250-869-9266.

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