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The Get Youth Working! Program funding is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.

The Program offers Employment Counselling, Job Entry Skills, Certificate Training, Paid Work Experience, Mentoring and Post Job Placement Support to eligible youth 17-29 years of age.  Employers that hire and train eligible youth and provide full time sustainable employment are eligible for a negotiated Wage Subsidy incentive.

Youth Information
Employer Information
Are you eligible for the Program?

If you are eligible the Get Youth Working! Program can help you gain employment. To find out if you are eligible all you will need to do answer 5 simple questions! Once eligibility is confirmed, we send you a letter to attach to your resume that lets employer know if you are chosen for the position their company can access funds.

Completing the application is easy!

Conduct your own recruiting.  When you have selected a potential job candidate and have an anticipated start date please complete and submit an online application. The approval process is quick and easy and if you and your proposed new hire meet the program criteria, you are eligible for the funding.

Career Advisors
We need YOUR HELP to spread the word!

Are you a Public Post-Secondary Career Advisor, Private Career College Career Advisor, High School Career Counsellor, Employment Service Provider, Youth Coordinator or Youth Centre Worker?


Do you work with youth who are looking for full-time employment?

The Get Youth Working! Program helps unemployed youth get hired, gain experience, and receive  on-the-job and third-party training!

Success Stories
The Get Youth Working! Program works!

Since January 2011, the Get Youth Working! Program has helped thousands of BC youth find jobs, get hired and receive on-the-job and third party training!  In addition, BC employers have benefited from the Program by receiving hiring incentives and training funds for these youth.


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